Göteborg Energi
As a local energy company in Gothenburg, we didn’t hesitate to participate and contribute to make the European Athletics Indoor Championships into a world-leading sustatinable championships. An aim which is totally in line with our efforts for a sustainable Gothenburg society, built not only by climate smart energy solutions, but also of sustainable human beings. At the moment, we are looking into how the big energyconsuming championships arena, Scandinavium, can make significant energy savings. For example by delivering renewable energy to the event in the form of locally produced wind power.
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Making all sorts of things run smoother and more efficient, while at the same time caring for our environment is what SKF is about. Our Knowledge Engineers around the world create products and solutions that are found in all kinds of industries, households, vehicles and even in sports. Being a global citizen, we at SKF strive to act in a way that not only secures our business, but also supports global environmental sustainability. We have always believed that taking care of the environment is good business. As the aim is to create the most sustainable sports event ever, it’s natural that SKF be involved in the European Athletics Indoor Championships.
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Volvo Car Corporation
At Volvo Car Corporation we’ve designed luxury cars around people since 1927. Part of this commitment to people is caring for the environment that surrounds us. Today, we not only offer fuel efficient, low emission cars – we’re also pioneers of electrification. That’s why the Championship’s athletes and guests are transported in our new Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid cars.

The Volvo Group – together we move the world
Our products are involved in many of the functions that most of us rely on every day. In fact without the products and services of the Volvo Group the societies where many of us live would not function. During the championships the Volvo Group´s buses will transport participants and visitors, while goods transport will be conducted using the Group´s trucks. Together we move the world.

One lighthearted way for us to illustrate the Volvo Group’s daily contribution to society is Transporters, a game in which you get behind the wheel of one of the Group’s many vehicles and carry out a variety of transport assignments. So take on the ultimate challenge, grab the wheel and play!

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Bauhaus is one of Europe’s leading DIY chains and has 240 stores in 15 countries. Bauhaus was founded in Sweden in 1997 and is today a market leader in building materials with our 15 stores in Sweden. Bauhaus is headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, where the company’s first DIY store was opened in 1960.
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Mediatec is one of the largest providers in the European market delivering integrated technical solutions for event and television productions. Our mission is to supply the right technology and to make sure that it works. We provide equipment, staff and knowhow to the media, event and sports industries as well as to corporate events across all industries. To meet the different needs of our clients, we work in four interrelated areas: Broadcast, Display, Event and Installation.
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Puma is one of the world’s leading sport lifestyle companies that designs and develops footwear, apparel and accessories. Puma’s sport performance and lifestyle labels include categories such as football, running, motorsports, golf and sailing. The Swedish and Jamaican track and field federations are partners since many years and the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, is running in Puma’s.
We are committed to working in ways that contribute to the world by supporting creativity, SAFE Sustainability and peace, and by staying true to the principles of being fair, honest, positive and creative in decisions made and actions taken.
Puma is about the joy of the game and this is what we will bring to the European Athletics IndoorChampionships 2013. And as an official partner we take great pride in dressing up all the hard working volunteers and all officials.
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Samsung Electronics, leads the global market in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media. At Samsung we follow a simple business philosophy; to devote our talent and technology to creating superior products and services that contribute to a better global society and help people live better lives.At the European Athletics Indoor Championships in Gothenburg we would like to give the audience, volunteers and officials a greater experience of the championships through our Smart TV’s, screens, laptops, smartphones and tabs. Very welcome to enhance your life today by having a relaxing moment in our showcase, have a cold drink while you keep watching the games on our screens.
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Göteborgs-Posten is western Sweden’s biggest daily morning paper, providing news, reports, reviews and articles from all over the world – with a special focus on Gothenburg and western Sweden at all times. Our news reaches over 600,000 readers every day through a variety of channels – via their mobile phones and tablets, online, and, of course, via the physical newspaper. This accessibility, combined with our passionate commitment to local concerns, enables us to build a transparent and close relationship with the people of Gothenburg. And it works both ways: the dialogue with our readers also helps us produce the best local news, reports and tips. It also means that we are, of course, eager to play a part in major events held in Gothenburg. Right now, we’re looking forward to the 2013 European Indoor Athletics Championships and to give our readers even more of what we’re best at: being a world-class local.
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Mix Megapol
Mix Megapol is SBS’s largest radio network with 35 stations, reaching 85% of Sweden’s population. The network’s goal is to make the radio that you do not hear anywhere else, a radio that is smart, creative and homey.
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Wallstreet Media
Wallstreet Media AB is one of Sweden’s leading players within traffic advertising (public transport and parking lots), digital billboards and in-store TV. The company is growing rapidly and covers approximately 30 Swedish cities and towns. The simple business idea of Wallstreet is effective advertising targeting people on the move, as these are more susceptible to commercial messages compared to when being elsewhere and in other situations. The fact that people have more time on their hands, get to see the message several times, are closer to the actual purchase and experience little or no interference are just some of the many advantages with our products and services. Our advertising solutions are always eco-friendly and cost-effective.
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Actea was founded year 2000 and is today active in six areas of expertise: Risk and Security, Integrated Logistics Support, Supply Chain Management, IT Management and Business Development, and Management and Corporate Development. Each area includes a number of services that we can combine and adapt to suit your situation. Actea have today 88 full time consultants operating from our offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Lidköping, Linköping, Västerås och Växjö. We can offer expertise and tools that will support your entire business operation, and we never propose solutions that are not absolutely vital. Quite simply, we provide you with what you need, no more, no less.
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BSW is proud to supply the European Athletics Indoor Championships 2013 in Gothenburg with its Regupol® products. Regupol® floors for athletic surfaces are manufactured and installed in accordance with the IAAF quality criteria and maintain a top position among synthetic floors. Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, says: “There’s nothing like running on Regupol®.” For decades BSW has installed its Regupol® synthetic sports floors all over the world to serve numerous athletes as surface for exceptional performances. BSW is happy to bring its longtime experience to the European Athletics Indoor Championships in Gothenburg in 2013.
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Emma och Malena
The outfits which the ceremony staff will wear is designed by Gothenburg brand emma och malena. Emma och malena is an overall concept within fashion and marine lifestyle. Behind the concept are Emma Landström and Malena Ostwald. Since 2005 they construct and produce their own clothing line with the ambition to make timeless garments with classic cut and sustainability in focus. The inspiration comes from the 50’s dressed era with possessing outstanding materials and model. In their studio the garments are designed and constructed.
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Folksam is a Swedish insurance company that offers a wide variety of insurance, savings and loan products to suit every need. We have about 4 million customers and settle 600 000 claims every year. About 3 600 employees works in Folksam today. Folksam are one of Sweden´s largest investment managers with a total of approximetly SEK 280 billion in assets.
We insure every second family home and every second person in Sweden. Every fifth car in Sweden are insured by us. Folksam is also the insurancecompany of Swedish sports due co-operation and partnership with the Swedish Sport Federation and a lot of their associations for example the Swedish Football Association and the Swedish Athletic Association.
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HiQ is an IT and management consultancy firm specialising in hi-tech solutions within communications and software development. The company is a leader in these areas and has the Nordic region as its home market. HiQ employs over 1,300 staff and has offices both in the Nordic countries and in Russia. HiQ strengthens the experience of the European Championships through development of the digital platform. The result is the website and the official app of the games, that gives a greater experience for the spectators. Together with the organizers, HiQ takes the championships to a new level.
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Nils Erik Holm is a pioneer in the Swedish promotional product industry and in 1964 he founded NeH. The business idea was to help its corporate customers to increase revenues by using promotional products in their sales and marketing activities. Today, almost half a century has passed and NeH is still one of the leading companies in the industry with the ambition to strengthen its partner’s brands and increase sales.
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Nordic Sport
Nordic Sport has received the prestigious contract to install new running tracks at the Scandinavium Arena for the European Athletics Indoor Championships 2013. The athletics tracks will be of type Regapol, which is both very fast as well as durable and easy on the body. The installation work will begin in May, 2012 and the new tracks are expected to be finished in February 2013.
”We are very excited about this engagement and co-operation with the organisers, and it feels great to have been chosen to showcase a Swedish event, from installation to administration, for our European friends”, says Dennis Österberg, CEO of Nordic Sport.